The Best Beach Umbrella for Wind – Keep Covered On Windy Days

Beach umbrellas can be a great thing to use for a number of reasons. One of the most important ones is to keep the wind from bothering you or giving you windburn or worse. We’ll show you some of the best beach umbrellas for wind protection and what you should be looking for during your search.

Quick Look: Our Top Picks

Why should I get one?

A beach umbrella is something you are really going to need if you intend to sit near or on the beach all day. If you have ever been to the beach without one, you’ll likely be fully aware of why.

Not only does an umbrella keep the wind off of you, but it also protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. You’ll be able to stay cool under your umbrella even when the sun is right over your head.

Additionally, it can protect some of your most important items from getting messed up, like your phone, drinks, or any other thing you usually take with you to the shore.

Best Beach Umbrella for Wind

What should I look for?

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the proper beach umbrella that you’ll really need to know a couple of things ahead of time before you start your search.

  • Your budget: You must be aware how much you can spend on a beach umbrella before you get started. There are many classes of umbrellas, which range from affordable to pricey. If you don’t have a lot to spend on one, it will help you narrow down these options.
  • How much you’ll use it: You also don’t want to spend too much on a product that you won’t be using that often. At the same time, you will want to be able to count on it each time you use it, even if it is infrequently.
  • Where you’ll use it: There are models that can work only in sand and others that can work pretty much anywhere that has soft enough ground. If you want one that can be used in multiple places, you should know that ahead of time.

After you’ve figured out those things, you need to determine if you want something that is strictly functional or if you want a little artistic flair as well. Umbrellas come in many different sizes, colors, and shapes, so it’s very likely you can find one that you think fits your personality. On the flip side, there are also plain models that are very functional, but not much to look at.

You should determine if you want one with a plastic, metal, or wooden pole. Each type has its benefits and there’s no reason to really prefer one type over another beyond the aesthetic.

As far as the umbrella canopy itself, you should pay attention to whether it is treated or not. Many are made of specially treated fabrics that do not allow UV rays to penetrate through. However, the amount of UV it protects you from can range dramatically, so be sure to check the numbers or percentages. This coating can also help it be better suited to resist the harsh salts and constant humidity that is present near the surf.


Depending on how many people you travel with, you will need a different-sized canopy for your umbrella. As a general rule, two people can sit under an item that is around six feet across, so if you have more than two people in your family you will have to decide if you want to get an additional umbrella or one that is larger to accommodate everyone.

Length and Weight

You will need to decipher how long the pole needs to be, especially if you are using it along with beach chairs or similar items. It needs to be tall enough for you to sit comfortably under it.

As far as weight goes, you’ll also need to check that you can carry it on your trek to the sand. It won’t do you any good if you can’t pick it up and carry it.


There are some extras when it comes to beach umbrellas as well. Not only are there things like sand anchors, but there are also small tables as well. See what’s out there and determine if you need any of these bonuses.

A sand anchor helps you place your umbrella firmly into the sand or ground, wherever you are. This gives it a lesser chance of blowing away, even in strong winds. Others have things like carrying bags or accessories that match the umbrella, so it’s a good idea to look at all options before you make a big decision.

You will likely want to use your umbrella for years to come and this is can be done with ease when you take a little time to look into all of these features and aspects.

Our Top Five Picks for Best Beach Umbrella for Wind Protection

1. beachBUB All-in-One Beach Umbrella System

 beachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System. Includes 7 ½' ( 50+ UPF) Umbrella, Oversize Bag, beachBUB Base & Accessory Kit - Best Beach Umbrella for Wind

This bright blue item is large enough for two people to use. It is also treated to protect you from the sun’s rays and has a lot of extras so you won’t have to go out and purchase anything else when you need to use it.


  • Tested for 35 MPH winds: It can hold up to winds up to 35 mph, which is rather gusty. It should stay in place quite well on some of the windier days you’re likely to be sitting shore side.
  • Comes with a base and carrying case: The base that comes with it is designed to be filled with sand once you get to the beach. This offers a heavy weight to keep it in place. There’s also a carrying case, so you can get it from point A to point B more easily. You just put it on your shoulder and go.
  • Guaranteed for 3 years: You get a 3-year protection plan with this item. That means that if you need repairs or a replacement you’ll have no trouble. The maker expects their product to work well for at least three years.


  • May weigh too much for some: Even though it’s around 10 pounds, that may be too heavy if you have to carry it a long way or have multiple items to carry.



2. SueSport Sand Anchor 7 Feet Beach Umbrella

 SueSport Sand Anchor 7 feet Beach Umbrella with Tilt and Telescoping Pole - Best Beach Umbrella for Wind

You can accommodate two people with this bright green and blue–patterned umbrella. It has many features to help you out and is coated, so you can sit out on sunny days without having to worry about skin damage. It also has a matching carrying case and a vented top to help with the wind flow.


  • Features aluminum pole: This umbrella uses a long aluminum pole, which gives it the strength and integrity you need and allows it to be stronger than other items.
  • Comes with sand anchor: A sand anchor comes standard with this one, so you don’t have to go out and buy one separately. With it, you can be sure that your umbrella is anchoring into the ground in a way that will keep it from moving at all.
  • Is able to tilt: You can tilt the top of this product so that you can get shade as the sun moves throughout the day.


  • Will have to learn how to use it: Because there are so many features associated with this umbrella, you may have to learn how to use it all properly.



3. Picnic Time Outdoor Canopy Sunshade Umbrella

 Picnic Time Outdoor Canopy Sunshade Umbrella 5.5' - Best Beach Umbrella for Wind

This is a simple product that is made well. There are many solid colors to choose from and it’s easy to set up on the beach or in your backyard. It also tilts and comes with a carrying case. The company also makes other items that you can pair and match with this umbrella, if you decide you need additional equipment for your beach time.


  • Lifetime warranty: This product comes with a lifetime warranty, which lets you know that it is made well and is expected to last.
  • Comes in many colors: There are a handful of different color options when it comes to this product. You will be able to find one that meets your tastes or matches other beach equipment you have.
  • Has a steel pole: There is a steel pole with this one. It is very strong and shouldn’t have problems or break down over time. It gives this item an edge over other products.


  • Only suited for one person to use: At just over five feet across, it is really only for one person to use at a time. In other words, you may have to purchase more than one for your family.



4. Ammsun 2017 Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella

 Ammsun 7ft Beach Patio Heavy Duty Umbrella 10 panels deluxe flower design with Tilt UPF 50+ - Best Beach Umbrella for Wind

This umbrella has a design that reminds you of a tent because it has many panels and a lot of ventilation on the top of its polyester canopy. It is teal in color and is made of strong materials, including steel ribs in the top. It is also large enough to cover two people comfortably.


  • Large vents on top: There is a flower design on this product, which allows it to have great air flow. It also allows it to resist wind gusts and breezes.
  • Can change length: You can tilt this item and you can adjust the height as well. It can be adjusted to the height of your chair or whatever else you’re relaxing on.
  • Lightweight: It only weighs around 6 pounds, so it’s lightweight enough to take anywhere, even if you have to walk a bit to get to the perfect spot on the beach.


  • Not great for heavy winds: Although it has features that are great for staying upright in the wind, it may fly away during heavy winds that stick around. You may want to buy a weight or anchor to pair with it.



5. Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

 Tommy Bahama 7ft. Vented Fiberglass Beach Umbrella w/ built in Sand Anchor - Best Beach Umbrella for Wind

This umbrella is made by a very popular brand and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. You can buy many other products to go with it, and it has features that are different than other models. At the same time, you will have to be careful with it, especially if your location has severe winds.


  • Has an integrated anchor: This one already has an anchor, so you can screw it right into the sand and get situated more quickly, and it should remain secure throughout the day if you install it properly.
  • Aluminum undercoating: The undercoating of the umbrella is sprayed with aluminum, so it can block UV rays. This also makes the fabric stronger.
  • Has long pole that also tilts: The pole is metal and extends to over 50 inches. It comes in two pieces and can tilt, which gives you more angles and options.


  • Will have to take care of it: You can use this one in windy spots, but you will have to be careful. If it looks like it isn’t performing well, you may not be able to keep it up at during heavy winds.




Finding the best beach umbrella for wind protection isn’t that hard because many of them are suited for milder windy conditions. In this case, the best item to purchase is the Picnic Time Outdoor Canopy Sunshade Umbrella. It will last for a long time and if it doesn’t, you’re completely covered by a lifetime warranty.

Besides that, there are many colors to choose from with this umbrella and its pole is made of steel, which allows for greater strength. The only downside is that it may not be big enough for two people.

If you need one that is wider across, you should check out the beachBUB All-in-One Beach Umbrella System. It is wide enough for two and comes with a case and a base to fill up with sand to keep it secure. It is also rated for 35 mph wind, which is rather high.

Do yourself a favor and purchase a new beach umbrella for your treks to the beach this summer. There are so many fun things you can choose from and you don’t have to spend a lot to get a great product. You can even find fun colors and patterns!

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