The Best Boogie Boards for Adults – Comparisons & Reviews

Boogie boards are not just for kids! In fact, they’re perfect for anyone looking to catch a wave without having surfing experience. And let’s be honest, there are few things as satisfying as riding a great wave.

If you think it’s something you’d like to try, make sure to get the right boogie board for your unique needs for a truly amazing experience. Here are some questions you’ll want to answer before going out to buy your adult boogie board.

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How big should it be?

It is tempting to just buy the first boogie board that looks nice and fits your budget, but don’t do it. For the best possible riding experience you need to get a boogie board that is the exact right size.

Bodyboard HQ explains that to determine the correct size board you should stand it up in front of you on the ground. If the board is the right size, the nose will come to somewhere between the top of your hip and your navel.

If you’re heavier or are planning to surf in weaker waves it might be tempting to get a longer board to try and improve your flotation – this is a mistake. Rather choose a wider board with a slightly wider tail and perhaps a thicker core.

As a general rule of thumb a wider board is better for heavier riders and weaker surf. Medium boards can be used by all types of riders, however, if you are on the heavier side you will have to work a bit harder to make it move. Narrow boards will move faster, but if you are heavier or the waves are weak you could sink.

Still not sure what size board to get? This sizing chart will take the guesswork out of it.

What type of tail is best?

Boogie boards have two main types of tails (the back part where your legs meet the ocean) – bat shaped and crescent shaped. As mentioned on 622 Bodyboard Shop the tail design is quite important as it affects the speed control and maneuverability of the board.

So what’s the difference between the two shapes? A crescent tail is a symmetrical arc cut shape, like an upside down ‘U’. this is the preferred tail type by 95% of professional riders and is also the most common.

A crescent tail is good for riding lying down as well as drop knee. It gives you more control over your board, so you’ll be able to turn and move like you want to quite easily.

The bat tail differs from this in that it looks like the wingspan of a bat. It has a hump in the middle at the tail and goes out compared to the “U” shaped crescent. With a bat tail you will have less control over your board, but it will be easier to do tricks like 360 degree spinners.

If you are a beginner rider, or are looking for a boogie board to use on a beach holiday, you’ll likely want to go with a crescent tail.

Best Boogie Boards for Adults

What core material do I want?

When deciding on a core material for you boogie board, consider your level of experience. Most boogie board cores can be divided into entry-level, mid-level and high-end categories, as explained by

Entry-level boards

Entry-level boards will be generally have expanded polystyrene (EPS) or styrofoam cores. These foam is generally glued together. These boards are made to be inexpensive, so they won’t be extremely durable. However, if you’re looking for a board for a beach holiday it should do just fine.

Mid-level boards

Mid-level boards usually have polyethylene (PE) cores, and might have stringers (a carbon on graphite rod) inserted to add stability. PE core boards are much more durable and high performing than EPS boards, but they also cost at least two times more. This is a good choice if you have some riding experience and you want a board that will last a long time.

High-end boards

Most high-end boards have polypropylene (PP) cores. This material is lighter and a bit stiffer than PP, which means the board will go faster. However, it will also be more difficult to control, so it’s only recommended for riders with experience. In addition, PP is also less temperature sensitive than PE, which means it’s great for tropical locations. PP boards are more expensive than PE boards though.

Do I really need a leash?

If you are a beginner rider, yes, you definitely need a leash. In fact, many experienced riders also prefer boards with leashes. This is because the leash will prevent your board from floating away from you, should you lose control over it in strong waves. In addition, should you run into trouble or need a rest, if you have a board with a leash you’ll permanently be attached to a flotation device, so you don’t have to worry about going under.

Do I want a slick bottom?

Whether or not you need a boogie board with a slick bottom or not depends on how fast you like to go. Slick bottoms made of surlyn or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) allow the board to conform to the surface of the wave and glide along it. This means you’ll be able to go faster and further on each wave. HDPE is usually used in entry-level boards while surlyn is most commonly found in mid-level and high-end boards.

Now that you have a better idea of how to choose a good boogie board for your needs, let’s look at some potential options.

BZ The Big Bruddha Body and Boogie Board

 BZ The Big Buddha Body and Boogie Board - Best Boogie Boards for Adults

This boogie board has a PP core which makes it extremely durable. It is strong, but still lightweight for good bodyboarding performance. A dual vs harden strip that runs down the centre provides flexibility. The board, selling for around $210, is 45’’ long and 23’’ wide. It comes in three colours – blue, black and yellow.

What we like about it:

  • This board is great for adults as it holds weight very well. If you’ve previously struggled with boogie boards sinking when you use them, this one would be a good bet.
  • This board has great speed on waves, even for people weighing around 200 lbs and up.
  • This board is very durable and will last many years.

What we don’t:

  • Some might find the board a bit too flexible, which might make it difficult to maneuver.
  • The board’s colours aren’t that nice and the top of the board is black, and not coloured. It also has a large branded sticker on, which some people might find bothersome.
  • The board doesn’t come with a leash, so if you want to make sure your board doesn’t float away from you, you’ll have to buy one separately.
  • This board is quite expensive.



42 inch Ultimate Hard Slick Bottom Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard

 42 inch Ultimate Hard Slick Bottom Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard - Best Boogie Boards for Adults

This board, selling for around $50, is made for performance and speed. The core is made of a strong, high-density, closed-cell foam that is suitable for warm and colder water. The top skin is made of polyethylene with a unique heat seal bonding that prevents water from infiltrating the core. The board weighs 2.6 lbs and is recommended for riders that weigh 145 – 180 lbs.

What we like about it:

  • This board is strong and durable – a great choice for people who usually struggle with boogie boards breaking after a couple of times using them.
  • The board comes with a good quality leash that allows you to keep it close in the water.
  • The board has a smooth bottom which enables you to ride waves faster and further.

What we don’t:

  • If you wear sunscreen while using the board the black design might come off on your skin, and it’s not easy to wash off when it does happen.
  • While this is a sturdy board it is not a professional board, so it could still break if you ride too hard.



BEACON Bodyboard with Wrist Leash, EPS Core, and Slick Bottom

 BEACON Bodyboard with Wrist Leash, EPS Core, and Slick Bottom - Blue Bodyboards - 3 Sizes - 33", 37" or 41" - Best Boogie Boards for Adults

This is more of an entry-level board with an EPS core. The board is made specifically for adults so it is strong and durable, but still lightweight. The board features a high density polyethylene super slick bottom so you can ride waves at top speed. It also comes with a free wrist leash to secure the board to your arm in the ocean. This board sells for around $70.

What we like about it:

  • The board is lightweight which makes it easy to carry around and control when you are in the water.
  • The board’s slick bottom will help you ride waves much faster for a more thrilling experience.
  • This board is really comfortable to ride, it won’t hurt your stomach like some other boogie boards do.

What we don’t:

  • After a couple of days in the water the board’s top and bottom material may start to crease or bubble.
  • With continuous use the board’s bottom laminate covering may start to peel off, making the board much less pleasant to ride.
  • The leash the board comes with is not extremely durable and may break if it’s used in rough waves.



Morey Big Kahuna 44″ Bodyboard

 Morey Big Kahuna 44" Bodyboard - Best Boogie Boards for Adults

This board is specifically made for larger riders over 5’10’’ who weigh more than 185 lbs. Selling for around $100 it has a polyethylene core and a power rod stringer – a dual composite carbon strength tube embedded in the board to give it a solid power base. It has a crescent tail which makes it easy to ride as your body will be ‘locked’ into position.

What we like about it:

  • This board is great for adults as it easily copes with riders of 185 lbs and over.
  • The board is very flexible which makes it easy to ride and gives you a lot of control.
  • While this boogie board is more expensive than the ones can buy at the beach it is quite durable and won’t bend if it gets twisted. It should last many years.

What we don’t:

  • The board doesn’t come with a leash to attach it to your wrist, so if you don’t want to worry about it floating away you’ll have to purchase one separately.
  • The board may crease if you use it to ride large waves.



California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard

California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard (44-Inch) (Colors May Vary) - Best Boogie Boards for Adults

This boogie board has a waterproof EPS core and a high-density polyethylene slick bottom with channels for faster speeds. It has a crescent tail, molded contour deck for comfort and arm decks for a locked-in fit. Selling for around $70, this board comes with a dual swivel pro-style coil wrist leash. It is 44’’ long.

What we like about it:

  • This board is great for adults as it can support people that are around 6 feet tall and weigh around 220 lbs.
  • The board is quite strong and won’t break easily, even if you’re tough on it.
  • The wrist strap is good quality so you don’t have to worry about it breaking while you’re in the water.
  • The board is quite flexible for it’s size, so you should be able to maneuver it easily enough.

What we don’t:

  • If you do a lot of drops the board may crease and eventually break.
  • If you leave this board in the sun the top will bubble. However, this is a common problem many boogie boards have.
  • The design on the back of the board will wash off after a couple of times using it.



When buying a boogie board for an adult, the most important consideration is whether the board would be able to hold that person’s weight. If the board is not strong or buoyant enough your boogie boarding experience will be frustrating rather than enjoyable.

You should also decide what type of core material you’d prefer, taking into account how the material affects the board’s durability. If you only want a boogie board to use for a couple of weeks on holiday, you can probably get away with a cheaper board with an EPS core. However, if you want it to last longer we’d recommend a PP or PE core.

In our opinion the 42 inch Ultimate Hard Slick Bottom Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard is the best boogie board for adults. It is durable, but still affordable, selling for around $50. If you want a board that will last all summer (and for a couple of years after that) this board is a great choice.

Keep in mind though, that this boogie board is only recommended for riders of up to 180 lbs, so if you weigh more than that, rather get the Morey Big Kahuna 44″ Bodyboard or the California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard. These boards are a bit more expensive than the Wavemaster, but will give you a better riding experience.

Ready to buy? You can get the 42 inch Ultimate Hard Slick Bottom Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard here! Happy boogie boarding!

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