The Best Shoes for the Beach – Comparisons & Reviews

When you were younger you may have liked the feeling of sand between your toes but now you need to protect yourself when you go to the beach.

Lucky for you there are specialized shoes that are perfect for hanging out along the shore and when you want to get into the water.

Here’s a look at the specifics regarding these shoes and information you should be aware of before you get a pair for yourself.

Things to Know

When you are looking at beach shoes, there are a few things to keep in mind that will get you closer to finding a pair you can live with.

  • Purpose. You need to know what you are going to do with these shoes. If you are going to walk all day along the beach, you will need something different than what you’d wear if you are going to swim all day. You might also want to think about how often you are likely to wear them.
  • Support. Support is something else to keep in mind. If you are someone that generally needs a lot of arch support in your everyday shoes, you will need them in your beach shoes too. Again, this ties into what you want to use these shoes for; you don’t have to get top-of-the-line shoes if you only intend to use them for a few minutes at a time.
  • Materials. There are shoes made of all different types of materials, from synthetic to cotton to leather, so you should have a general sense of what material you would like. Keep in mind that even if you aren’t going to be swimming in your shoes, they will likely get wet because of the mist in the air near the beach. You don’t want them to become damaged or discolored.
  • Price. Just like many other types of shoes, beach shoes range in price from basic and affordable to high tech and pricey. It’s up to you to determine how much you can spend and want to invest in a shoe that you may not use regularly.
  • Care. There is some maintenance and care involved in owning beach shoes because you’ll need to wash them and store them safely when you aren’t using them. Besides that, the shoes should have some way of getting excess water out, especially shoes that are submergible. Many pairs have extra ventilation or drainage holes that help with this.

Quick Look

Personal Preferences

The good news is that you can find shoes for the beach in many colors and designs, so there is sure to be options that fit your tastes. You can find them in your favorite color, something that matches your beach cover-up, or even a pair that you may like to wear in other places besides the shore. You should consider your preferences in other shoes you own when you are looking at beach shoes. In some instances, they will need to be worn for hours at a time. You should be sure that your feet will be comfortable and that the shoes you choose will not cause blisters or aches.


There are a few different types of shoes that people commonly wear to the beach. There are pros and cons to each type, so it really depends on what you like and what you will be doing while you’re at the beach.


Best Shoes for the Beach

Sandals are your typical summer shoes, whether they cover your whole foot or are more like thongs or flip flops. Either of these things can be worn to the beach. They are great because they are comfortable and easy to get on and take off. On the flip side, they are not great for swimming or getting in the water, so you’ll need to take them off before spending time in the water, which leaves you unprotected from whatever is on the ocean’s floor.

Water shoes

Water shoes, which are sometimes called aqua socks, are a type of shoe that you can easily slip over your feet. You can leave them on the entire time you’re at the beach, even when you’re swimming or doing water sports. They are designed to get wet and they vary in features. Some are rather basic and look like actual socks and others look more like shoes and have rubber bottoms. You may feel a little funny wearing them like they are real shoes, but you are likely to see many people wearing them when you’re around water, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Surf slippers

Surf slippers are essentially loafers that are for wearing when you’re going surfing or doing other similar activities. They slide on and off of your feet easily and will protect you when you’re walking around the beach or beachside attractions. You usually can’t wear them in the water though, so you will have to take them off to do any swim activities. At the same time, you can use these loafers in conjunction with aqua socks in some cases. Additionally, surf slippers can be worn when you’re other places besides the beach, so they are comfortable shoes that are appropriate in casual situations.

CIOR Quick-Dry Water Shoes

Best Shoes for the Beach CIOR Quick-Dry Water Shoes

These water shoes fit like socks on your feet, so you can be assured that they will protect your whole foot from the water and anything swimming or floating in it. They also come in a variety of sizes, so you can purchase a pair for your children and all the adults in the house as well.


  • Made with breathable fabrics. The entire shoe is breathable, so your foot won’t be sweating too much when you wear them. This also allows for them to dry well after use.
  • They come in different colors and designs. There are over a dozen designs to choose from, so there should be one that you’ll like.
  • Have rubber soles. They have a rubber sole to give you a bit of protection when you’re walking from place to place.
  • Won’t chafe your feet. The shoes are designed to fit you without chafing or causing any pain to your feet.


  • Colors may fade. Depending on what type of water you are in, the colors can fade quickly on your shoes.
  • Have to be careful with them. It may also be easy to scratch them up or get small holes if you aren’t careful with them. Remember they are just for the beach and shouldn’t be treated like shoes that are to be worn regularly.



Aleder Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

ALEADER Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes - CIOR Quick-Dry Water Shoes

This model of water shoes looks a little more normal than the other options. They are a lot like regular shoes and can be worn to go camping or walking. Your feet will stay dry and you will be able to walk on virtually any terrain.


  • Lots of ventilation. There is plenty of ventilation in these shoes because they have small holes throughout the top and bottom
  • Offers arch support. The insoles that come with the shoes offer enough arch support for most feet.
  • Dry quickly. Since they are ventilated so well, they dry pretty quickly.
  • Good traction. The rubber soles mean that you will have enough traction, whether you’re on a sidewalk or the beach.
  • Attractive design. The design reminds you of a regular tennis shoe and there are even faux laces so no one should be able to tell they are water shoes until you start to use them.


  • Not for heavy wear. These will likely break down if you use them too much. Even though they can be used as regular shoes sometimes, you probably have other shoes that will do that job better.
  • Can trap sand. If you’re on the beach, you might get sand stuck in the ventilation holes, so you’ll have to rinse off after you use them in sand.


Adavar Water Shoes

Best Shoes for the Beach - AVADAR Water Shoes

This is another pair of water shoes that you pull right on your feet like socks. They have colorful soles and come in a variety of designs and colors. They should be comfortable, no matter where you take them, and lightweight enough to carry around in your luggage or bag.


  • Won’t hold onto odors. This product is designed to resist smells and odors, so they will always stay fresh when taken care of properly.
  • Stable soles. The soles are thick enough to protect your feet from small rocks and other things you may encounter in the ocean, as well as walking along the beach and around the pool.
  • Easy to put on. You shouldn’t have a problem putting these on. There is a pull tab on the back of them so you can get them on easier.
  • Can use for other purposes. Besides just water sports, you can use these shoes when you do yoga, workout, or other times when you need a little stability but want to simulate a barefoot experience.


  • May be hard to size correctly. You have to pay close attention to the sizing chart to get the correct size for your feet.



Oofos Unisex Slide Sandal

Best Shoes for the Beach

These sandals may look simple, but there is actually a lot of technology in them. Besides being easy to use, they are versatile enough to be a go-to pair of shoes for a number of occasions. They also come in classic colors that match most outfits.


  • Have textured footbed. The footbed has grooves in its design to hold onto your feet, even if they aren’t all the way dry. This also allows for a little bit of extra comfort.
  • Slide right on. You can just slide your foot right into these slip on shoes, much like the way you put on many other types of sandals.
  • Designed with special foam. There is foam built into the design, to give your foot a little additional support.
  • Water resistant. The entire shoe is made of a waterproof material that won’t stay wet and will be able to dry easily. They can be worn whether your feet are wet or dry.


  • Won’t protect whole foot. Since these are sandals, they won’t protect the whole foot. You will need an aqua sock type shoe if you want to protect your whole foot in the ocean or while you’re in a body of water.



Columbia Men’s Bahama Slip-On Boat Shoes

 Columbia Men's Bahama Vent PFG Slip-On Boat Shoes - Best Shoes for the Beach

This is a pair of loafer type water shoes that can be worn on the beach or even if you have to go to a nice dinner. It is okay to get them wet, although they shouldn’t be submerged for too long. They are also made well and can be used for a while.


  • Able to drain off water. There are holes in the insoles and the midsoles, in order to let water out of the shoes effectively.
  • Extra cushioning. You can also count on the adequate amount of cushioning in this item, which allows you to walk wherever you need to.
  • Solid soles. The soles are solid and are great for doing other things, like boating or fishing too. You can walk on large rocks or anywhere else and protect your feet.
  • Hold up well. Since they are made like regular shoes, they should hold up well over time and through many uses.


  • May not drain water fast enough. Even though there is a lot of ventilation and drainage, it still doesn’t make the shoes dry instantly. You will have to be patient when you need your shoe to dry.




Finding the best shoes for the beach isn’t that hard to do; you just have to find a pair you are comfortable wearing in a style that you won’t mind. The best solution in this list is Adavar Water Shoes. They are essentially socks that you wear when you’re going in the water and they are great for protecting your entire foot.

You don’t have to worry about them staying wet or holding on to unpleasant smells because they are designed to protect you from these things. You can also use them for exercising and other activities because they provide some stability when you need it. They come in many styles and are brightly colored, so you can find something that will look fun on your feet.

They can even be folded up to take virtually anywhere, and they not only won’t take up a lot of space, but they are also incredibly lightweight.

If you need beach shoes and don’t want to spend a lot of money, go ahead and get a pair for yourself. They are available in many sizes, so you can buy them for your whole family, or just for your water-loving friends.

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