The Best Skimboards For The Money – Comparisons & Reviews

There are a lot of ways you can have fun when you’re hanging out at the beach. One way is by using a skimboard. These are much like surfboards, but do not have fins. Keep reading for details on how to pick the best skimboard and what to look out for.

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A skimboard is designed to skim across waves, whether they be large or small waves. It is a similar sport to surfing, but it doesn’t require large waves to work properly. In fact, it is designed to be primarily used on smaller waves. There are different types of boards for varying skill sets and you can even do tricks on this type of board.


The core of a skimboard is usually made of wood or foam. The wooden types are generally for beginners because they are slimmer and easy to learn how to use. Wooden boards can also be used on smaller bodies of water, but may become damaged if you use them in the ocean. On the flip side, the foam models weigh less and are better for ocean waves. They are also the type that experienced boarders use.

Another difference between these materials is that it dictates how flexible the board is. The more flexible the core is, the more flexible the board itself should be.

No matter what type of core you have, the board itself is usually coated to offer a bit of protection so you aren’t exposing it to the elements. It may be coated with carbon fiber, fiberglass, or something else, depending on the maker.


There are a number of shapes of boards, so you should know the minor differences, especially if you intend to stick with this sport after you start learning. You can find something that is elliptical or has a unique shape that will be great for a number of tricks.

Additionally, there are types that are flatter, which can take your farther out into the water and curvier ones that allow you to glide on small waves. These two styles are intended for different purposes and different types of beaches.

 Best Skimboards


There are a few aspects to consider when you are looking for a skimboard of your own.

  • Height. The rider’s height is important to know when you’re trying to find the best option. You don’t want it to be too long. As a general rule, it should be about come as high as the middle of your chest.
  • Weight. The weight is also something worth knowing. This refers not just to the weight of the person that is going to use it, but also the weight of the board. If you are purchasing a board for a child, it can’t be too heavy for them to carry safely. They must be able to keep up with it.
  • Price. There is a big difference in price depending on what the board is made of. This is helpful to know because there is a board available for a price you’re willing to pay. It’s also useful because you might want to purchase additional or replacement boards as you become more skilled at riding.
  • Skill Level. Depending on your skill level, there are a few shapes of boards to choose from. Boards with more of a defined shape are better suited to glide through the water and allow you to perform tricks.
  • Location. You should also be aware of where you plan to use your product. There are options that are better suited to small streams or oceans. You won’t need a top-of-the-line board if you are only going to be using it at a local lake.
  • Caring for it. You will have to spend some time caring for your board, especially if you happen to use it a lot. In some cases, you may have to wax it or clean it from time to time. There is also the matter of storing it in a place that will keep it safe. You don’t want it to warp or lose its integrity.

Take Your Time

While there are a lot of options out there, you should take your time before deciding which one you want to purchase. Check out every resource you can, including videos, websites, and more in order to ensure that you get the correct type of skimboard.

This is a crucial step that can’t be skipped because you have to learn how to use this product properly. You don’t want to suffer an accident or get hurt trying to use it simply because you didn’t get the right type of board.

You can always check the board maker’s recommendations to find out if a specific product will work well for what you want to use it for. This is the best indication that you are finding the right option for your needs.

Fedmax Skimboard

 Skimboard / Wakesurf Board, Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber Avac by Apex, Choose Size/Design, Bundled with Fedmax Tricks Guide, Skim Board for Kids/Adults. - Best Skimboards

This board is made with technologies that allow it to be very strong. It comes in a few different colors as well as lengths, so it can be used by all members of your family.


  • Lightweight. The board itself weighs around 5 pounds. It won’t weigh you down when you’re trying to use it, making it perfect for a beginner or for kids who can’t carry a lot of weight.
  • Made of high-quality materials. It is made of the best materials you can buy. The board is constructed of fiberglass, e-glass, and carbon fiber, and is put together in a way that makes it very strong and able to skim waves in an efficient manner.
  • Reinforced construction. The nose and tail are reinforced. This means the areas that are more vulnerable are well protected and shouldn’t become damaged.


  • A bit pricey. This board costs a little more than other items you may be looking at. This is likely because they are handmade in America, so they are not mass produced. It’s made using special technologies that keep the weight down, while still allowing it to be as strong as possible.


BPS Gator Skimboard

 'GATOR' Skimboards by BPS - Choose Size and EVA Grip Color - Best Skimboards

This board has a wooden core, so it’s great for beginners. It is coated with epoxy, giving it a great amount of waterproofing and strength, and comes in blue and orange and is plain in appearance.


  • Great amount of grip. The top of the board has an EVA foam layer that activates when it gets wet, which allows the rider to have a good amount of grip when they’re riding it. There won’t be a lot of sliding around or slipping off the item. You also will not have to wax this board because of this cool feature.
  • Customer service. The company cares about each one of its customers and emails them to check that they are pleased with their purchase. Most companies don’t do this type of thing anymore.
  • Product guarantee. It comes with a 12-month guarantee, so you can return it if you are unsatisfied or if it simply doesn’t do what you need it to do.


  • Not for young kids. While there are different sizes for the board, it may not be the best choice for young children. It’s best if an older child or adult uses this particular model.


Wave Rebel Local Motion Skim Board

 Wave Rebel Local Motion Wood Laminate Skim Board - Best Skimboards

This board is brightly colored, so it stands out quite a bit. It has a wooden laminated core and is coated in epoxy to keep it working as it should. It features a simple design and can be used by virtually anyone.


  • Great for kids. It’s designed specifically for beginners, so there’s no reason why kids shouldn’t be able to use it. It’s affordable enough to buy for your children, even if they end up not liking the sport.
  • Easy to use. Because it is designed for anyone to use, it’s easy to take advantage of. You might be able to get the hang of skimboarding by just using this product a couple of times.
  • Curved design. The board is essentially flat, but it does have a slight curve to it. This allows it to glide better on the water without a lot of effort from the rider.


  • Will have to wax it. There isn’t any special grip with this board, so you will have to wax it to keep it working like it should. You can also get special grip boards to put on it to keep from slipping in the surf.


Sunspecs Rubber Top Wooden Skimboard

Rubber Top Wooden Skimboard With Slip Free Grip (No Wax Needed!) - Best Skimboards

This board comes in a variety of colors and lengths. Anyone from a kid to an adult can use it and there isn’t much in the way of maintenance. At the same time, you will have to take care of it because it is a wooden variety.


  • Many designs. There are nearly a dozen designs to choose from when it comes to this board. You’ll be able to find one that is your favorite color or that your child really likes the look of.
  • Rubber top. The top has a rubber layer, so there is never any need for wax or anything like that. This rubber will help you stay on at all times as you’re learning the in’s and out’s of skimboarding.
  • Made of solid wood. The board is made of solid wood, which means that it is lightweight and great for people who are just starting out.


  • May split into layers. The wood construction is coated, but if the coating is uneven in places, it might cause this board to split into layers. Check yours out before you use it in the water to be sure that it won’t suffer any damage.



BeachMall Deluxe Wood Skimboard

 30 to 41 inch Small-XL Deluxe Wood SkimBoard - Best Skimboards

This simple board is laminated wood but is shaped in a way that is good for a number of skill levels. There are no frills here, but it can be used time and time again for a fun afternoon in the water.


  • Special shape. It is a special shape that is designed to help it move and stay stabilized so that the nose doesn’t go too far down into the water and knock the rider off of it.
  • Good for different skill levels. Beginners or intermediate level riders can use this one because of its shape. This is handy because you won’t have to purchase a new one as you become better at this sport.
  • Bright colors. All of the available designs of this board are very bright and will be easy to spot out in the water.


  • Can become slippery. There is nothing that keeps the top of this board from getting slippery, so you will have to be careful when you use it. This can be hazardous, so it’s better to practice using it before you use it in the surf for an extended period of time.



Each of these skimboards can be used by a beginner or by a child if they want to learn. The best one is the Fedmax Skimboard due to the fact that it is made of high-quality materials and is reinforced so that it will last longer. The one downside is that it costs more that a lot of models out there, meaning that it is more of an investment than something to play around with.

If you’re looking for something that is more affordable, check out the BPS Gator Skimboard. It has a simple design, is available in solid colors, and has an EVA top, so you can get a great amount of grip each time you use it. When you pair these options with the fact that the company has such great customer service and offers a satisfaction guarantee, it ends up being a great product to consider.

Skimboarding is a lot easier for some to do than surfing, but it can still be dangerous, so make sure that you take the time to learn how to do it properly before you practice on large waves or in the ocean. Any of these items can help you do just that, so go ahead and purchase one to see what people are raving about.

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